It was back in 1965 when the first flow pack machine was set up by Giuseppe Fioravanti,

charismatic and far-sighted founder of Record, an enterprise of long tradition celebrating

its 50th anniversary on the packaging market next year.

Horizontal machinery and automatic lines are its core business. “My father travelled a lot

because he believed that experience is gained in the field, listening to the customer and

understanding his requirements.

This is how he began to develop a sales network with distributors and agents”, Monica

Fioravanti, managing director, tells us.

Record has developed during the course of its history, improving its product against the

growing demands from the market and focusing on flexibility, productivity and technology.

Starting from simple mechanical machinery, the enterprise established at Garbagnate

Monastero - Lecco, Italy - now produces complex and automatic servo-controlled systems

subsequently integrated with the customers’ production processes. “We stand out for the

quality of our products, offering two-years warranty for the parts, as well as a vast range

of specific solutions” declares the entrepreneur. Proudly 100% Made in Italy, Record makes

use of high-tech electronic platforms with an evolutionary continuity granted by consolidated

trade names operating throughout the world.

In this context the ability of the company to assist its customers with remote service

program is of particular importance. For sometimes now, Record has been manufacturing

its products with “food grade” certified materials and surface finishing complying to hygiene

and sanitization requirements, essential factors to be able to satisfy demands from the food

industry. “We operate in all industries, particularly in the Bakery - Pastry - Biscuits field where

we are present with important automatic systems, as well as in the Fruits&Vegetables where we

offer successful innovative solutions such as the Duplex double-style packaging system.

Attention is always turned to research and development of new packaging solutions and applica-

tions” declares Monica Fioravanti, such as the Relock, the cutting edge systems for sealing packs

and sustainable packaging solutions to reduce consumption and eliminate scrap.

With a staff of 52 people, a turnover worth an average 11 million Euro per year, over 7000

machines sold and 1000 automatic packaging lines installed, Record has now set its sights on

emergent markets. “We are well known in Europe, Russia, Central and Southern America,

whilst amongst the new markets of particular interest we look for the Frenchspeaking African

 countries, with the support of Sermatec, our French partner. We also intend to boost our

distribution network  and to extend our presence in the Middle East and Asia as well.

These are markets with  an enormous potential and Record, with its marked international

propensity, intends to continue the Mission undertaken by its founder” concludes Monica Fioravanti.