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Our Background

Record was established in 1965 by Mr. Giuseppe Fioravanti who started on a small-scale production of flow pack machines for food and non food products.

Challenged by the ever increasing demand of packaging solutions andwith a far-seeing determination, he introduced simple but innovative and durable operating principles, transforming flow pack from a rigid system to a flexible system.

Since the beginning, Record has constantly improved and adapted its product to the development of modern food and non-food industries guaranteeing to its customers operating safety and continuity, high speed output and greater quality factor.


Our Organization

The factory is strategically located near Milan, in the township of Garbagnate Monastero; on the 18.000 sqm. plant, sheds and administration buildings cover 6.300 sm. of its surface.

The manufacturing plant and facilities, designed with modern criteria complying with CE directives, and the advanced process technology based on an economy of scale production, place Record among the major European producers for the top quality of products as well as for the quantity and variety of solutions proposed and sold. 

Research and Development Department is equipped with advanced tools and disposes of a qualified team of informatics, electronics and packaging experts involved in the study and experimentation of new solutions, indispensable for new projects and for the improvement of standard equipment.


Our Know How

Since 1965, an attentive and close co-operation with our customers is the main asset which assure validity of our solutions and reliability of our products.


Our Reputation

7200 flow pack machines, 1000 automatic feeding systems and installations spread all over the world testify a worldwide reputation of excellence enjoyed in different fields of packaging, particularly in the design of packaging machines and automatic packaging systems for bakery products.


Our Mission

Our aim is the complete customer's satisfaction, through research and trials of new automated packaging systems and technical solutions.


Our Objective

Designing and building horizontal flow pack machines technologically advanced, durable and reliable, interfaced with modular composed automatic feeders, easy to be integrated into automated packaging systems.


Our Sales and Service Network

Entrusted to Certified Agents of proven professional competence and expertise, employing Record trained service engineers, stocking a suitable inventory of original spare parts for immediate delivery.


Our New Deal

• Short delivery time of flow pack machines, immediate and efficient after sales service. • Total Warranty on all components: 2 years from the advice of goods ready for shipment.

• Spare parts availability: 20 years for mechanical components, 10 years for electronic components, even if out of production. • Assistance on line via TELESERVICE.

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